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Professional Removal Services

A professional wildlife handler should be contacted at the first sign of a critter roaming around. Even if they’re simply passing through the yard, because once inside of a house it can be difficult to get rid of them. 


As well as end up costing a large amount of money to repair any damages done to premises. There is a wide range of rodents that can find their way into people’s houses, such as deer mice. Which are known to inhabit attics, basements, and crawl spaces. If left unnoticed can cause large amounts of damage, for instance, their droppings have a foul odor and will chew on just about anything. 


Not only does it stink, their fesses also contains different bacteria that can be fatal to humans. In search of insects, they’ll fly through doors and windows, eventually find their way into the attic. Bats also love hanging out inside of barns, this is because it’s dark with plenty of bugs to munch on.


Not only are they known to carry rabies, but have also passed dangerous fungal spores through their droppings. Another critter which is known to find itself into homes is the raccoon and oh boy once that occurs it’s difficult to repair the damages. 



Places where they’re usually found in chimneys, attics, and crawl spaces as well. Generally, it is females looking for somewhere to make a nest in which for her babies and in some rare cases males will enter homes searching for a bite to eat. 


Basically eating whatever is available including garden plants, devouring fruits and vegetables. Once in an attic, raccoons chew up insulation for nesting materials, rummage through trash cans, will attack household pets and humans. Another unwelcome guest to homes is the rat and Denver has a wide variety of different species.

Rats and Chipmunks

One of which is the roof rat, in search of an easy meal they will tear up gardens and try to find a way into a house. Known to inhabit treetops, they’ve been known to enter through the roof into an attic. 


Making themselves right at home, searching for the next meal. Droppings and urine left behind to carry a wide variety of harmful diseases, which can be passed on to both humans and pets. 


At the first sign of an infestation, contact a humane rat control company right away.

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So, carpenter bees are these bees that like to hang out in wooden structures like decks, eaves, and siding. They’re not too picky about where they nest, as long as there’s some good ol’ fashioned wood for them to burrow into.

But here’s the thing – these bees can cause some serious damage over time. Their burrowing can weaken the wood and make it more susceptible to weather and other insect damage. Plus, if they feel threatened, they can get all aggressive and potentially harm you or your pets. So if you’re noticing some suspicious-looking holes in your wooden structures, it’s time to handle the problem pronto.

Thankfully, there are some options for dealing with carpenter bee infestations. You could try using bee traps by BeesNThings, which are these little devices that attract the bees with a sweet scent and capture them in a container. Or, if the infestation is really bad, you might want to call in the pros for some removal services. They’ll be able to safely relocate the bees to a new home and minimize the risk of anyone getting stung.

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